Teletubbies Teases Big Surprise Involving Bitcoin

Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency more broadly, continues to become more popular and much more mainstream as many companies start to take cryptocurrency as a type of payment along with the NFT craze continues. As that fame increases, so does the range of brands that are surprising, celebrities, and figures who are becoming involved with it and now it seems that the Teletubbies could be next. The official Twitter account for its beloved children’s television series teased something’large’ this week — and included the Bitcoin hashtag.

‘Eh-Oh. . .what would the Teletubbies be hiding ? Stay prepared for something BIG this week,”’ the post reads.

Eh-Oh. . .what can the Teletubbies be hiding ? Stay tuned for something BIG this week. #Bitcoin

– Teletubbies (@TeletubbiesHQ) March 31, 2021
The picture accompanying the article is also a little puzzling. The Sun, which generally features a smiling infant face, is currently blurred out with a question mark on it while both Teletubbies from the image have their faces slightly fuzzy with laser beam-type eyes. The Teletubbies official Instagram shared exactly the identical image with a slightly enlarged caption, imagining’The Teletubbies have been hard at work with something which will change how we Enormous Hug. However, what can it be? Stay tuned for something out of this world…’

The timing of this tease is intriguing. Given that Thursday is April 1st and thus, April Fool’s Day, even a few fans think that it may be a part of a joke or prank, though now it’s anyone’s guess what the Teletubbies have at shop. Fans will just have to continue watching social websites to see what is next.

The original series ran for five seasons and 365 episodes, finishing in 2001. Back in 2014, a revival series debuted in 2015. Re-runs of the initial series continue to air on television stations around the world.

What do you really think that the Teletubbies are teasing? What do you consider the expanding prevalence of cryptocurrency?