Will bitcoin Dump after Halving? Read to Know more

If you are a big time trader, investor or trader who has taken part in all the talk of the upcoming halving in the price of gold, then you probably have been looking at the prices of gold and other precious metals and wondering how they will affect you. Well, the answer to that question […]

Do Celebrities Use Bitcoin ? “If Yes” Know Who They Are

In case you are wondering, yes, I know, you probably didn’t mean to ask, but did celebrities use bitcoin? Let’s look at the answer. Well, there are some celebrities that are well known for their involvement in the digital currency world. Who can forget Paris Hilton and her bongs? Or who can forget Britney Spears? […]

Is bitcoin safe on Coinbase? and Why Does it Matter !

What is the security record of Coinbase? What can you do with this exchange? This article will explain the answers to these questions and more. To begin, Coinbase is an online bank that allows you to purchase and sell your own digital asset, such as gold, digital coins, stocks, etc. for a one-time fee. If […]