Cash App developer Square to offer bitcoin-based DeFi platform

According to Square CEO Jack Dorsey, the new platform will allow ‘non custodial permissionless and decentralized financial services for Bitcoin’.

Square Inc. (SQ), a global financial market leader, has seen its success in money services and payment processing become a huge success.

Cash App facilitates simple money transfers among its 36 million users. Square CEO Jack Dorsey announced today on Twitter that Square would launch a new business in decentralized finance (DeFi), which is based upon Bitcoin.

According to Dorsey , the service, which is yet unknown, will allow for ‘non custodial permissionless and decentralized financial services’ in Bitcoin.

Square is launching a new business (joining Seller Cash App & Tidal), which focuses on creating an open platform for developers with the sole purpose of making it easier to create non-custodial and permissionless financial services. Our main focus is #Bitcoin. Its name is TBD.

– Jack (@jack).July 15, 2021

Dorsey stated that all aspects of this project will be open. In a follow-up tweet, Dorsey stated that there will be an open roadmap, open development and open source. This news follows an announcement by Square that it would be developing a hardware bitcoin wallet solution. People are searching for ways to move their funds without having to deal with cryptocurrency or securities exchanges.

Square, a major player in the market, is expected to continue or increase DeFi’s popularity. Square stock (SQ), which was valued at $237.52 at the close of the market earlier today afternoon, was up 1% from its initial value.

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