Bitcoin Up Review

Eminent American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once defined financial independence very aptly. He said that financial independence is the ability to live from your personal resources. If you are working for someone else, you struggle throughout your life but never achieve your dreams. Your nine to five job will not give you enough money to live life without worries. There will be times when you have to borrow from friends, relatives, or financial institutions to meet up your expenses.

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Once you get into debt, life becomes more difficult. You will not even finish paying off one, and you will need to take another. So, to avoid such a situation in life, it is better to have another source of income. And you can earn the best profits when you trade in cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Up.

This advanced Bitcoin trading platform predicts profitable trades for you. The high accuracy rate of this trading application eliminates the chances of making any loss. It is popular with investors because of its trustworthiness. The number of members of this trading app is increasing by leaps and bound.

Make the right choice to become financially independent. Join Bitcoin Up and live life on your terms.

The Workings of Bitcoin Up – A Brief Guide

Bitcoin Up, in a sense, partners with a variety of special robot brokers. They can execute orders and receive deposits. These brokers are much different from traditional brokerages and complete your orders instantaneously. Bitcoin Up utilizes a unique approach, which is called High-Frequency Scalping. This could lead to significant losses with even just a minor slippage. If the brokers were real people, this chance of loss could have been excessively high. However, since it is a robot broker and the accuracy level is quite high, these risks are minimized.

These brokers, which are in partnership with Bitcoin Up, are of very high quality. Plus, they are regulated by authorities, such as the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission), FSB (Financial Service Board), and FA (Fubabcuak Conduct Authority). When platforms like Bitcoin Up partners with a regulated broker, you have peace of mind. The deposits are highly secured against a bankruptcy or market crash.

With the partner brokers, you have a leverage ratio of 1:5000. Therefore, you can take a position that is 5,000 times larger than the capital you invest in.

While the user could lose a lot because of high leverage, there is a negative balance security feature provided by Bitcoin Up, which can minimize this issue. Still, the risk is there and could be more than you can safely bear. Therefore, it’s recommended that you limit the amount of money you add to the account so that, if you lose, you can afford it gracefully.

Why Should You Register with Bitcoin Up?

You can see a variety of benefits when trading with Bitcoin Up. These can include:

  • The trading is highly accurate, and you get regular updates on the market’s status. Therefore, you can place the bet at the precise moment.
  • This platform is easy to use.
  • You can earn profits quickly and easily with little fuss.
  • The advanced technology from the robot allows for smooth trading that is highly effective and very safe.
  • Its regulated brokers for partners can protect your money and ensure security.

Key Features of Bitcoin Up


The software works around the clock without stopping and its signals appear accurate. We believe that software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) has the capacity to earn its users great amounts in profits. But whether Bitcoin Up can generate $1,200 per day as they advertise, would depend on various factors such as the size of the stake, a user’s experience, and favourable market conditions.

Verification System

Bitcoin Up requires new users to register for accounts by providing basic details such as their full name and mobile phone number. Furthermore, new users must provide an active email address through which the team verifies one’s identity. Immediately you click the “Register Now” button, a representative of the team behind Bitcoin Up calls you. During the call, the representative will verify the status of the new user, as well as answering any questions one might have.

Withdrawal Process

Bitcoin Up supports transactions using MasterCard and VISA debit/credit cards, as well as bank transfers. The withdrawal process is just two clicks away from completion but the period which one has to wait for funds to reflect varies based on the payment provider used. Overall, the withdrawal process is straightforward.

Costs & Fees

Bitcoin Up software is free of charge. Interested users just need to create a free account and it is all systems go! Additionally, the platform does not charge any fees and commissions on winnings. If you earn $1,000, you will receive the full amount when you request a withdrawal.

User Testimonials

Eighty-five percent of all Bitcoin Up reviews on Trustpilot are positive. The majority of these attest to Bitcoin Up’s professionalism especially when it comes to helping customers navigate the platform.

Customer Service

Bitcoin Up is fast in terms of reaching out to users. Immediately after registering for an account, a representative calls to enquire for any issues and to offer assistance. In addition, the customer service communicates with users through email. Our investigation showed that messages take at most five minutes to receive feedback. This is fast and reliable considering that the customer service handles thousands of queries in a single day.

Affiliated Brokers

Once the account is going, Bitcoin Up pairs new users with affiliated brokers. Usually, the referred broker is the one closer to you – that is why it is important to state your location in the registration form. Each new account is referred to a broker, all of which are regulated within the jurisdictions that they operate.

Crypto CFD’s, What Are They?

CFD’s or contracts for difference are derivatives or contract that derive value based on the performance of an underlying asset such as an index, commodity, or currency pair (i.e BTC/USD). When you purchase a CFD you basically buy a contract which is saying I believe BTC/USD will expire above or below a resistance line or market rate. If you you speculate correctly the profit (or loss) is yours based on the margin. Trading CFDs can be very lucrative, but also significantly risky. The problem with scams such as Bitcoin Up is that they don’t talk about the risk, only the potential benefits.

A Few Viable Alternatives
Our research staff constantly sniffs around and searches the internet for legit trading systems. Once we identify a software which has potential we add it to our recommended systems section after it passes our tests and generates consistent income. So go ahead, check it out!

Bitcoin Up Review Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendations

We are blacklisting the Bitcoin Up scam software and giving it two thumbs down! We could not find a shred of credible information which was provided to us on the Bitcoin Up sales page and as we expected, our €250 investment went down the drain and evaporated in a matter of minutes. After 10 minutes we received about a dozen phone calls from different phone numbers in Europe, so eventually we answered and told our account manager we have no money. Eventually the phone stopped but we never saw that money again or any winnings. We believe we have produced enough proof of scam in regards to Bitcoin Up, but if you require additional information please feel free to reach out and message us through our contact page or social media.