Bitcoin Storm Review

Welcome to the Bitcoin Storm review. Is Bitcoin Storm scam or legit? Bitcoin Storm is currently being promoted as a new money-making system and an exclusive group which the team has reserved for Bitcoin Millionaires.

They claim that those who join will gain access to a secret automated trading software (crypto robot) which produces results at an astonishing 99.4% win rate. This sounds like complete nonsense.

In fact, when our reviewers considered the website and facts behind it, they suspected that something was amiss!

So, for those of you who are searching the internet for an honest Bitcoin Storm review, you should know that this fraudulent crypto currency trading platform has nothing to do with genuine storm coins or tokens.

Storm coins are an altcoin. They are real virtual currencies and traded on various exchanges. The reason they call this scam software Bitcoin storm is because they want to confuse traders or mislead them into thinking this app is somehow associated with the altcoin storm.

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How Much Can You Make with Bitcoin Storm?  Bitcoin Storm Payouts

According to Bitcoin Storm, some of its members have managed to gain a profit of $1100 per day. Though we were unable to confirm Bitcoin Strom’s trading results, we found user testimonials that claim it is accurate. Bitcoin Storm also claims that some of its members earned their first million within 61 trading days, however, that is dependable on the initial amount of investment.

Bitcoin Storm Platform

As we mentioned previously, Bitcoin Storm cannot accept deposits and therefore channels you to a regulated broker in your region. As you can see, Bitcoin Storm offers a great trading dashboard where you can control and monitor your trading settings, deposit and withdraw funds and activate the auto trading mode.

The robot’s trading dashboard has an intuitive user interface and a detailed FAQ section to help traders start trading.

Bitcoin Storm’s trading dashboard can be used to manage your trading account, however, in order to start trading and view the live market, you must connect to the broker’s trading platform.

The truth

Finally, we will explain in our Bitcoin Storm review how this scam work. When you sign up for the program, they will create a trading account on your behalf and without your consent with an unregulated broker.

Then they will ask you to deposit money with that shady broker, saying that you need to do it, otherwise their software cannot make you money. But in all honesty, it is just a lame excuse to make you send them your money. If you do it, they will keep it and you will never get anything back.

Not only you cannot expect any profits from this program, you have to expect calls for more deposits. They will try hard to get as much money from you as they can.


In the last, it is no doubt that the Bitcoin STorm developers have used the best website layout that seems very genuine. Their claim that people can actually huge profit without depositing any money is very tempting but it’s totally fake! Because they don’t allow the traders to trade on demo.

furthermore, they have nothing to say about their advanced algorithms, trading strategies or AI and ML! When the trader risks his/her own money in the trading, the scammers do not just steal that money, but also the trader is unable to withdraw any earnings.

So in the light of all the facts, there is no doubt that Bitcoin Storm is a legit SCAM! If you want to share or want a review on some other Forex trading website, then feel free and leave a comment. Let us know your thoughts and stories on Bitcoin Stream!