Why the banks won’t touch bitcoin anytime soon

Only a week goes by with no sign cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are catching more broadly. Maybe you’ve got a buddy who is spent in”cryptos”, perhaps you’ve discovered the advertisements urging us to purchase bitcoin in bus shelters, or else you also watched this week’s poll from Vanguard which saw one in five Millennials possessed cryptocurrencies. […]

‘Bitcoin is bad for crime,’ says crypto asset manager

Even the Justice Department was able to regain $2.3 million worth of bitcoin (BTC-USD) extorted in Colonial Pipeline, implying that electronic money might not always be the ideal tool for offenders. “It is not intuitive to lots of individuals, but it is something that the people is learning more,” Hunter Horsley, cofounder and CEO to […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Discusses Censorship And How Bitcoin Can Bank The Unbanked

Speaking in the Bitcoin 2021 seminar, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey emphasized the properties which make Bitcoin a tool which may offer monetary sovereignty and the capability to store worth to the planet’s unbanked and under-banked. In addition, he explained his personal belief in and enthusiasm for constructing the tech. ‘For me personally, bitcoin changes absolutely […]

China’s crackdown on bitcoin mining, trading extend its losses

Bitcoin extended its losses following China pledged to crack down on the cryptocurrency’s mining and trading actions in a bid to prevent financial risks at a meeting chaired by Vice Premier Liu He Friday. This had been a triple move against virtual monies coming after three Chinese monetary institutions prohibited financial institutions from crypto-related companies […]