Cash App developer Square to offer bitcoin-based DeFi platform

According to Square CEO Jack Dorsey, the new platform will allow ‘non custodial permissionless and decentralized financial services for Bitcoin’. Square Inc. (SQ), a global financial market leader, has seen its success in money services and payment processing become a huge success. Cash App facilitates simple money transfers among its 36 million users. Square CEO Jack […]

What Does Technical Analysis Tell Us About Bitcoin Prices?

Bitcoin prices trade within a reasonablely defined range. This state has been maintained for many weeks. According to coinDesk, the world’s most popular digital currency trades largely between $30,000- $42,000 since May. After reaching a new, all-time high in April of over $64,000, it has continued to follow this trend, according to additional CoinDesk data. It […]

Bitcoin and Ethereum Both Show Signs of Cooling Off

Reports on GPU MSRPs aren’t the only evidence of a slowing down in cryptocurrency demand. Recent activities on the Ethereum and Bitcoin mining networks also provide direct evidence. Both networks have been hit hard by China’s recent crackdowns, and there is a drop in global mining. Recent data compiled by Etherscan via PCGamer shows the steep drop in cryptocurrency […]